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How Does Penn Foster Track Cheating?

Penn Foster, an esteemed educational institution, is widely known for its commitment to academic integrity. Now, you might ask, “How does Penn Foster track cheating?” In today’s digital age, where access to information is just a click away, ensuring that students remain honest and maintain the school’s high standards is paramount. Let’s delve into the methods and strategies employed by Penn Foster to keep academic dishonesty at bay.

The Use of Advanced Proctoring Software:

First and foremost, Penn Foster, like many online institutions, uses advanced proctoring software. This software is designed to monitor students during online exams. Through webcam feeds and screen sharing, this tool watches for any suspicious activity. For instance, if a student looks away frequently or tries to open another browser tab, the system flags this behavior.

Additionally, the proctoring software can detect unusual mouse movements or the use of certain key combinations that might indicate cheating. By doing this, Penn Foster ensures that the examination process remains transparent and fair for all students. This not only maintains the school’s reputation but also ensures that the qualifications students earn are genuinely representative of their skills and knowledge.

Behavioral Analysis and Pattern Recognition:

Another intriguing method that Penn Foster employs is behavioral analysis and pattern recognition. With the vast amount of data available from student interactions, the system can identify anomalies. For instance, if a student who typically struggles suddenly submits a perfect score, this might raise a flag.

Moreover, the analysis considers the time taken to complete assignments. Rapid completions, especially for complex topics, can be suspicious. Therefore, by tracking these patterns, Penn Foster can identify and address potential cheating incidents proactively.

Plagiarism Detection Tools:

The threat of copied content is always looming in the world of academics. Penn Foster, therefore, employs plagiarism detection tools. These tools scan student submissions and compare them against vast databases of content available online and previously submitted assignments.

Once a match is found, the system flags it for review. This ensures that every piece of content submitted by a student is original, further promoting the ethos of academic honesty that Penn Foster stands by.

Regular Updates and Randomized Question Banks:

In the digital age, test questions and answers can quickly circulate online. To counter this, Penn Foster ensures that their question banks are updated regularly. Not only does this keep the content fresh and relevant, but it also minimizes the chance of students gaining access to answers before an exam

Additionally, Penn Foster’s exams often pull from a randomized set of questions. So, even if two students take the same exam simultaneously, they might encounter different questions. This randomness is an added layer of protection against cheating.

Student Identity Verification:

To ensure that the person taking the exam is indeed the registered student, Penn Foster has measures in place for student identity verification. This could include the use of biometrics, personal security questions, or webcam identity checks.

After all, ensuring that the person earning the grade is the rightful student is fundamental. By implementing identity checks, Penn Foster adds another layer of security to its academic processes.


Penn Foster takes the integrity of its courses seriously. From advanced proctoring software to behavioral analysis, plagiarism detection tools, regular updates to the curriculum, and stringent identity verifications, the institution has a multi-faceted approach to prevent and detect cheating. For students considering Penn Foster, it’s clear: the school values genuine effort and authentic learning, and it takes every measure to maintain that standard.

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