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ZuluTrade Review – What You Can Expect With This Advanced Social Trading Platform

As online trading gains more and more popularity beginners are seeking ways to get started without having to go through an intense learning curve. Most platforms designed for online trading require intermediate-level knowledge about different markets in order to get by. Luckily, social trading allows new users to make trades by following an expert. 

One of the best platforms to do this is ZuluTrade social trade platform, which offers an array of features that are designed to improve your experience. So far, it has built quite a reputation for offering new investors an avenue to start achieving their investment goals. The purpose of this ZuluTrade review is to discuss its different functionalities and features, along with how they can help make you a better investor.


Get The Latest Market News 

To start off the review, let’s discuss the informative blog, which covers a range of different topics. It gives the latest insights on market events and economic conditions in major financial hubs. Knowing about these occurrences can help you predict market shifts before they happen. From the current condition of the stock market to current events, you can access them from a single platform. 

Additionally, the blog gives details about current leaders whose portfolios are showing exceptional performance. This can give you an idea as to who you should follow for a higher chance of successful trades. And as you keep track of market news and observe consequent changes in prices, you’ll understand how new financial policies can impact your trades. 

Responsive Customer Support is Available 

In this day and age, consumers are demanding greater convenience from the platforms they use. Considering how so many services are now available online, it’s become all the more important for businesses to provide online customer support. After all, you can run into technical issues or require assistance at any time. In these situations, it can feel frustrating when the company is beyond reach and inaccessible. 

That’s why ZuluTrade has a highly responsive and professional customer support team. You can contact the platform and get in touch with a representative to talk about the issue you’re facing. It’s possible that you’re having a hard time navigating through the platform. Or, you need some help in finding out how to change your payment method. Regardless of your concern, they’ll help you as soon as possible. 

Informative Guides for Users and Leaders 

Although copy trading is pretty beginner friendly for the most part, you still need to understand the ins and outs of the market for a better experience. Don’t worry, though, because there’s no need to go through different sources to access the information you need. Instead, you can simply access the guides available on the ZuluTrade website. 

The investor guide is simple and easy to understand. It details the steps you need to follow when registering for your account. Then, there are other instructions for each aspect of the platform, such as leaders, the dashboard, and community section. 

Access Trading Tools 

Yes, it’s true that, compared to regular online trading, social trading takes much less time. Nevertheless, it’s best that you know your way around different trading tools that are designed to offer greater convenience. 

The trading tools you can access through ZuluTrade include a calendar, calculator, and simulator. In the simulator, you can enter a specific amount, set a timeframe,  and test your selected leaders’ past performance and choose which leaders you want to follow accordingly. Variety of Assets and Trading


In this part of the ZuluTrade review, I’ll mention one of the best aspects of using the platform – the variety of assets and trading pairs available for investors. It’s true that having a diverse portfolio is essential to ensuring consistent gains over time. This also applies to copy trading, where you can choose between different markets to maximize your potential. 

It offers the opportunity to benefit from lucrative conditions in different asset markets. Through the platform, you can also keep up with the current prices of different assets to stay on top of current trends. This way, you’ll be well-informed and can eventually come up with your own strategies as well. 

Bottom Line 

To sum it up, is an effective copy trading platform that’s built for investors of all skill levels. It offers a dedicated section where users can access the latest market news. And if you ever run into technical difficulties while using the platform, you can always contact the dedicated customer support team.

To ensure that each type of user gets a functional experience, ZuluTrade offers different types of guides. Plus, you can even take advantage of trading tools like the calendar or calculator when you start planning your trades. Lastly, there are different assets to choose from as well.

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